Research Group of Prof. Dr. J. Garcke
Institute for Numerical Simulation

  annote = {journal},
  doi = {10.1007/s10723-016-9376-9},
  pdf = { 1},
  abstract = {The increasing amount of data produced in many scientific
		  and engineering domains creates as many new challenges for
		  an efficient data analysis, as possibilities for its
		  application. In this paper, we present one of the use cases
		  of the project VAVID, namely the condition monitoring of
		  sensor information from wind turbines, and how a data
		  gateway can help to increase the usability and security of
		  the proposed system. Starting by briefly introducing the
		  project, the paper presents the problem of handling and
		  processing large amount of sensor data using existing tools
		  in the context of wind turbines. It goes on to describe the
		  innovative approach used in VAVID to meet this challenge,
		  covering the main goals, numerical methods used for
		  analysis, the storage concept, and the architectural
		  design. It concludes by offering a rational for the use of
		  a data gateway as the main entry point to the system and
		  how this is being implemented in VAVID.},
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