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  abstract = {To compute the exact solution of Gaussian process
		  regression one needs $\Os(N^3)$ computations for direct and
		  $\Os(N^2)$ for iterative methods since it involves a
		  densely populated kernel matrix of size $N \times N$, here
		  $N$ denotes the number of data. This makes large scale
		  learning problems intractable by standard techniques. We
		  propose to use an alternative approach: the kernel matrix
		  is replaced by a data-sparse approximation, called an
		  ${\mathcal H}^2$-matrix. This matrix can be represented by
		  only ${\cal O}(N m)$ units of storage, where $m$ is a
		  parameter controlling the accuracy of the approximation,
		  while the computation of the ${\mathcal H}^2$-matrix scales
		  with ${\cal O}(N m \log N)$. Practical experiments
		  demonstrate that our scheme leads to significant reductions
		  in storage requirements and computing times for large data
		  sets in lower dimensional spaces.},
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