Research Group of Prof. Dr. J. Garcke
Institute for Numerical Simulation

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  abstract = {We present a dimension adaptive sparse grid combination
		  technique for the machine learning problem of regression. A
		  function over a d -dimensional space, which assumedly
		  describes the relationship between the features and the
		  response variable, is reconstructed using a linear
		  combination of partial functions; these may depend only on
		  a subset of all features. The partial functions, which are
		  piecewise multilinear, are adaptively chosen during the
		  computational procedure. This approach (approximately)
		  identifies the anova -decomposition of the underlying
		  problem. We introduce two new localized criteria, one
		  inspired by residual estimators based on a hierarchical
		  subspace decomposition, for the dimension adaptive grid
		  choice and investigate their performance on real data.},
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